Who We Are
We are a dedicated team of professionals focused on the provision of services that empower individuals with diverse abilities to develop and maintain autonomy within their community. As an organization we strive to truly hear the individual, learn the challenges they may face and work together in the development of a unique strategy to teach and implement, and develop skills to maintain independence.
Our Individuals
Our individuals are adults living with Diverse abilities in the community inclusion world. These individuals receive supports that enhance and empower quality of life through skill obtainment on the home front, in the community and in the world of employment. REALM provides opportunities that teach, through one to one interaction, group social learning and customized employment, we support individuals to determine for themselves a full inclusive quality of life.
Our Services
Our key provision is one of Person Centered Service, which means that we meet and build custom service plans around the individual and their identified goals. This allows us to create a plan with the individual that meets them where they are and determine where they want to go; Thus allowing us to look at the framework defined in quality of life frameworks and build the structures to address the need. We work individually to facilitate a custom plan that hits barriers head on. We facilitate individuals in finding ways to tackle problems through investigation of information, strategies of dealing with situations, and understanding the rights and responsibilities they have. We work through a referral process to understand the goals that the individual has with the challenges that they are facing, match the schedule and staff to create the plan that can begin the working relationship

How to Access REALM

Most commonly REALM works based on referrals from Community Living British Columbia (CLBC). If you think you might be eligible for support please contact your local CLBC office or visit their website by clicking here. If you have any further questions about accessing REALM please contact us.
For more information please contact us or view our "Everything you need to know" guide. This guide is an introduction to REALM from the perspective of our individuals. The guide was designed and written by a committee of REALM individuals and takes you from your first contact with REALM to being in the REALM community.