“Throw a stone into the stream and the ripples that propagate themselves are the beautiful type of influence.”Ralph Waldo Emmerson

During these last few weeks we have been reviewing and reflecting through evaluation the importance of the work that we are doing together. During our discussions we have had the occasion to use the analogy of the ripple in the pond to explain our essences and importance in the way we work.

Ripples that occur once the stone enters the water, are as we have discussed are like the plans and goals that are created after a person centered plan is created. The ripples are the around the pebble are similar to the team that we build around the person. Each ripple is related to the pebble-each ripple radiated from the center-existing because of the pebble. All ripples generated from the stone-on all levels of support come from the person. Every ripple connected together-every person in the individuals support team connected in the persons best interest. Listening, sharing and supporting the pebble. Understanding the beautiful influence that we are invited to share, never taking this invitation for granted.

Kerry Taylor-Johnson