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The mission at REALM is to offer premier support models in inclusion, outreach, and employment.

The mission at REALM is to offer premier support models in inclusion, outreach, and employment. Through our various plans that are self-directed, provide real-life opportunities and real-life experiences; We empower people to realize their full potential.

Employment Skill Development/Support and Job Coaching

Our Job Coaches and employment team utilize a variety of methods to support individuals in achieving meaningful paid employment within their community. Our team works with the individual to assess and match their skills with an employers need to create an opportunity that is mutually enriching for both employer and employee. We are able to match individuals with employer need by building relationships and assessing work options in our community. Once matched REALM offers customized support for employer and employee to ensure a successful productive arrangement is in place that has the potential to be sustainable.

Individual Support 

Individual support is provided on a one-to-one bases where skill development involves individuals working with a Direct Support Professional who has been custom matched based on shared interests and skills. Development and acquisition of skills encompasses endless possibilities and can include but is not limited to; self-advocacy, self-help (in home or community), communication development and augmentation, problem solving, interpersonal skill development. Skill development directives are based on the custom service plan that outlines identified needs and is also is directed by the individuals interests and goals.

Group Support

Our Direct Support Professionals facilitate to empower individuals to collaborate to self-direct shared experiences, skill building, and peer support enhancing both interpersonal skills and relationship development. Groups offered are diverse in nature some recreation based and some a specifically designed to enhance particular skills.

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In The Home


Our Direct Support Professionals work with an individual in home or community in the development of independent living skills and quality of life attainment. Service provision is based upon goals and directives from the individuals’ custom service plan as designed by the individual.

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In The Community


Our Direct Support Professions work with individuals to facilitate inclusive opportunities to participate in their community and beyond. Service include accessing local resources outside of our agency, participation in and engagement in the local community, developing connections and awareness, thus increasing independence. Realm works together with each person to create and provide opportunities to learn, that match their interests, goals and dreams.