Self-Advocates of the Rockies Silent Auction and Bake Sale Fundraiser

On Tuesday, October 15, 2019, the Self-Advocates of the Rockies held their second fundraiser at REALM with a silent auction and bake sale including their second edition of a candy jar guessing game. The picture is the lucky winner in the centre and that is Kerry Taylor-Johnson who guessed 525 out of 541 candies. On each side of Kerry are two members of the Self-Advocates of the Rockies, on the left is David Price & on the right is Susan Does.
The event went well for the group and they raised a grand total of $305.20 and gave half of their proceeds back to REALM as a thank for their support for the event and ones who went to Richmond for a Self-Advocates Conference.
“Congratulations Kerry Taylor Johnson”

Candy Jar Guessing Game Winner ''Kerry Taylor-Johnson'' (REALM, Cranbrook, BC)
Candy Jar Guessing Game Winner ”Kerry Taylor-Johnson” (REALM, Cranbrook, BC)

Photo Credits: Jonathan Righton