Relay at Home 2020

This year several the REALM Rovers and even some new members took part in the Canadian Cancer Society RELAY at HOME event. People walked in their homes, their neighbourhoods, and/or at the College of the Rockies Track Field.  Everyone who signed up appreciated the opportunity to enjoy the walk, the beautiful day, and contribute to a fight they believe in, with more than 128,000 other Canadians. Everyone on the team is missing the opportunity to participate and travel to Saskatoon this year, they are all looking forward to the future and joining teams hopefully next year whether be in Saskatoon, or Las Vegas or another community. Everyone enjoyed having their photo taken with the Relay Banton.

N. F. Winner of the covid relay for life gift basket. Congratulations.

Jesse and Sheila are both survivors and celebrate by walking the Survivors walk each year. Sheila’s favourite Relay was in 2013 when they went to Spokane Washington. The relay was “held in doors and the people were friendly.” This was a 24-hour event, and every hour they had different contests, and fun endeavors to help people stay up all night.  “My favorite fundraising event was the Bras on Dudes that we had last year. I really enjoyed the modeling and the skits.”

“I want to walk the Relay to help fight it” 


Sheila began to Relay when she lost both her father and uncle to cancer in one year. Norman walks for his wife Yvonne, Donna for her father Don, JoAnn for her mom Hilda, sister-in-law Nicki, and mother-in-law Dorothy.  All who lost their battle to cancer, and whose lives continue to be celebrated by their families. Karen walks in memory of her friend who lost her life to cancer.

Jo-Ann also celebrates that her husband John is a survivor and has been with Realm along with Jesse walking in Relay since 2003. JoAnn’s favorite Relay was last year in Tacoma Washington, afterward she and friends went to a Seattle Mariners game at T-Mobile Park.

Felicia, who has been relaying for 9 years, and Jo-Ann are missing all the fundraising that the Rovers do over the year, to raise money for the Cancer Society.  There have been many Relay Breakfasts, Movie and Dinner Nights, Draws and Bras on Dudes which all came to an end with the onset of Covid-19.  To keep everyone healthy and safe fundraising plans were put on hold for this year.  

Karen’s favorite Relay trip was to Buena Park California. Being there reminded her of her honeymoon at Disneyland with husband Joe in 1996. She enjoyed visiting Knott’s Berry Farm and all the rides. 

The Rovers welcome Jordyn, Charity, Shaun, Bob, and Robert to the team this year. While this would have been Roberts first year of traveling with us, he looks forward to next year. 

Karen, Philip, David, Steph, Tina, Kimberly, Matt, Raymond, and Sean also along with rest of the team look forward to next year. 

Congratulations on their donation of 500.00 for the Saskatoon Relay, that they were able to raise since their 2018 Relay trip. And a Big Shout out to all the team for all the hard work they put into raising the funds. 

“Together, we are helping Canadians live longer and fuller lives”