Our PQI Philosophy

REALM strives to provide exceptional service and empower quality of life experiences for the individuals we support. REALM believes that our programs and services must engage in continuous improvement to ensure the most authentic services for our individuals. REALM embraces quality assurance measures as an opportunity to promote growth and excellence. 

PQI is an organization-wide effort and is embedded in all of our operations. As in all aspects of REALM the individuals and their families drive our innovation to ensure we are meeting and exceeding peoples service needs. This is reflective in our PQI process as we approach quality improvement as an inclusive, interactive process engaging not only our team members but also our stakeholders. 

Reflecting our desire to establish and maintain authentic, meaningful relationships with our key stakeholders, REALM has introduced our PQI Connexions program. A REALM Connexion is assigned to specific stakeholder groups to act as an ambassador to all things REALM. The REALM Connexions are part of our performance quality improvement team; Their role is to stay connected, share important information about REALM, and gather feedback on how REALM is working and interacting within the community. Our Connexions want to have meaningful conversations and work collaboratively to gather information so that we can find common themes for ongoing improvement of our agency. 

REALM’s PQI system is vital in guiding our actions towards our desired outcomes and aid in the development of the steps needed to reach our goals. The framework is a valued process that ensures programs and administrative functions are operating efficiently and effectively, and that our individuals are receiving the highest quality services to maximize service potential.