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COVID-19 booklet for individuals – Download by clicking HERE

April 5th Update

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March 20th Update

Due to the COVID19 outbreak, REALM will be taking extra precautions for individuals and staff. For precautionary reasons and social distancing we will be suspending groups and be moving into essential services.  

As we are doing what is recommended to keep everyone safe, we have put in place a modified schedule going forward.  We have taken into consideration each individual and will discuss a plan with each of you personally.

As HomeShare/Residential providers we truly appreciate that this is a taxing time for you. These alterations are precautionary measures for everyone involved.  

We will be in contact soon to discuss service for the individuals you support.    

Kind regards

The REALM Team

March 19th Update

Due to the COVID 19 outbreak and the social distancing recommendations we have decided to cancel and will announce the events if they are rescheduled:

-Relay Breakfast Mar 25

-Relay dinner and movie Mar 25th

-Weekenders Karaoke +chilli Mar 28th

Coffee House Mar 31st

RAP Group chilli and bun April 1st

Ladies Night Out Trip Apr 2-3rd 

Realm Idol April 8th

Magazine/Fashion trip April 24th

Bras on Dudes May 8th

March 18th Update

We Have The Right Event Canceled 
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March 17th Update

CLBC has published a web site page for individuals and families here:

March 13th Update

March 13/2020

Hello Everyone,

We will be continuing to stay abreast of the information that is ongoing with this current event. Please review the following information in terms of how we will be looking at this.
As there will be continued information and updating, we do our best to keep everyone apprised with the appropriate information. Our next steps will be the creation of our larger contingency plan in the event that our Organization needs to close or if there is a City-wide Containment.
We encourage everyone to continue to share information that they have knowledge of, continue to brainstorm in regards to solutions to what may be larger issues to contend with as well as support in thinking about the impact on the Realm Community and how we work together to minimalize it.
It goes without saying that a majority of the persons we support can become fixated and overly concerned with the situation due to exposure to media, misinformation etc. It is up to us to stay calm, share reliable information in bite-sized chunks that are useful as well as staying apprised to the needs that they may have going forward- things like medication supply, food and paper products. It really becomes our responsibility to support this at this time due to the behaviour and panic that is causing shortages etc.
Again, this will keep unfolding, so please continue to provide progressive support to persons, communicate and back up the team.
If you have questions, concerns or are worried please reach out,

 Kerry Taylor-Johnson
Co-Managing Executive Director
(realize empowerment access life to maximum)
110 1510 2nd St N
Cranbrook BC CA
V1C 3L2
250 426 3393 (o))
250 426 0054 (o
250 421 4379 (c)

March 13th Statement For REALM Staff
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March 12th Update

Remember from our 2020 Blast into Health Conference that the best way to kill and prevent the spread of infection is to WASH YOUR HANDS with warm soapy water. Attached is the poster to remind you of the basic hand washing steps to follow. Also, here is an informational video from the World Health Organization (WHO) in regards to how to protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus. Following and implementing these steps are crucial to prevent the spread of this virus at an early stage. Based on the WHO, this is what CLBC is recommending service providers share with people they support Wash your hands often with soap and water
• Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing
• Avoid others who are unwell
• Stay home when you are sick
• Report flu-like symptoms to your doctor
• Ensure your family has a plan to care for family members

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