“Throw a stone into the stream and the ripples that propagate themselves are the beautiful type of influence.”Ralph Waldo Emmerson

During these last few weeks we have been reviewing and reflecting through evaluation the importance of the work that we are doing together. During our discussions we have had the occasion to use the analogy of the ripple in the pond to explain our essences and importance in the way we work.

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The last piece I supplied was dealing with decision. It remarked on the playing of the cards we are dealt. It was the first month in the year, the beginning of the new decade, bringing thoughts of acceptance, deciding and asserting in life. Words of confidence and movement-this month I saw this definition of fika, and thought as we have embraced the need to make decisions to empower our life, we need also to appreciate the good things these decisions bring. We sometimes are so busy on the path to where we are going that we forget to appreciate the journey and the daily accomplishments that we experience.

Let’s use this month of February to appreciate the accomplishments exercise fika on our journey of maximizing life.

Thoughts until next time,


January 9th 2020

I just saw this post and thought it is  great beginning to the New Year- Our theme throughout the next year or so will be exploring life- we hope that it will be to the” maximum” for as many of us as possible in ways that we determine- to make choice and to assert in life, so that our expectations are met, accepted and encouraged, so that we have the life experiences that we can! Deciding to play your hand as its dealt is the beginning😊