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REALM will be limiting services this week due to the poor air quality. Your DSP will be in contact asap with more details.

Please go to the following to read about Covid 19 and the air quality:

Please go to  the following to read about the air quality in our area:

This year several the REALM Rovers and even some new members took part in the Canadian Cancer Society RELAY at HOME event. People walked in their homes, their neighbourhoods, and/or at the College of the Rockies Track Field.  Everyone who signed up appreciated the opportunity to enjoy the walk, the beautiful day, and contribute to a fight they believe in, with more than 128,000 other Canadians. Everyone on the team is missing the opportunity to participate and travel to Saskatoon this year, they are all looking forward to the future and joining teams hopefully next year whether be in Saskatoon, or Las Vegas or another community. Everyone enjoyed having their photo taken with the Relay Banton.

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March 18th Update.
We have the right… 2020 Conference has been Canceled due to COVID-19
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Hosted by: Self-Advocates of the Rockies

Where: Heritage Inn Hotel & Convention Centre,

Cranbrook, BC

When: Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Time: 9 am – 3 pm (Mountain Time)

Why: We want to advocate to all people with diverse abilities

that they have the right to access community resources.

More details coming soon and stay tuned!

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Saturday March 28th/2020


Come to practice with your friends and have a Chili dog lunch. Funds raised will help support the Weekenders Penticton Excursion to ‘Elvis Elvis Elvis” festival.

Chili dogs will be on sale 2 for $6 with a drink.

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The Wise Women Group @ REALM is hosting a Celebration to recognize: “ International Day of The Women” March 5th/2020

Please join the group to celebrate the past year and accomplishments of Realm women.

We will be at the Heritage Inn from 5:30-8:30 pm, enjoying dinner and each other’s company.

There will be a selection choice of three main dishes, with coffee or tea for $20/person.

There will be great food, friends and guest speakers to help in the celebrations.

As well we will see who has been selected this year’s Women of The year!

Seats are limited to so please RSVP asap to Theresa at Realm 250-426-3393

Love Cake? Love Contests? Love Team Work? Well we are loving telling you about an upcoming event- Realm will be hosting a Nailed it Cake Competition in May. More information to be Announced-but if you love to Bake keep your ears to the ground for more info!!!

If you just love to eat cake, that will be an option as well. Bake Cake or Eat Cake stay tuned !!!!!! More information will be announced soon.

Many Kootenay businesses are facing difficulty these days due to labour shortages in the area. Unbeknownst to many Kootenay employers, there’s an untapped job force out there that is being underutilized. For some, like the intellectually disabled, they want to work but haven’t been given an opportunity to contribute.

(L to R) Kieran O’Grady, Donna Schwartz, Kimberly Earl, Felicia McKenzie and Sheila Neidig work at Java Creek Café inside Joseph Creek Care Village in Cranbrook. — Photo courtesy Ana Yost
(L to R) Kieran O’Grady, Donna Schwartz, Kimberly Earl, Felicia McKenzie and Sheila Neidig work at Java Creek Café inside Joseph Creek Care Village in Cranbrook.
— Photo courtesy Ana Yost

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The last piece I supplied was dealing with decision. It remarked on the playing of the cards we are dealt. It was the first month in the year, the beginning of the new decade, bringing thoughts of acceptance, deciding and asserting in life. Words of confidence and movement-this month I saw this definition of fika, and thought as we have embraced the need to make decisions to empower our life, we need also to appreciate the good things these decisions bring. We sometimes are so busy on the path to where we are going that we forget to appreciate the journey and the daily accomplishments that we experience.

Let’s use this month of February to appreciate the accomplishments exercise fika on our journey of maximizing life.

Thoughts until next time,


We had a wonderful night with all the people who attended the Friends of Realm and Realm Texas hol’dem on Saturday, we gave away great door prizes, had a great pulled pork dinner and silent auction!

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Realm’s Blast into good health

Featuring guest speakers with starry night dinner and dance to follow

Friday February 21, 2020 at the Heritage Inn Health conference from 12:30pm-5:00pm Dinner and dance from 6:00pm-10:00pm

Tickets are $40 for full event Or $30 for dinner and dance only

RSVP by February 14, 2020 by signing up at Realm or by phone at 250-426-3393


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On January 9, 2020, a few members from the volunteer heritage work crew of Realm had the privilege to go to Fort Steele to take part in a photoshoot for a Fort Steele advertisement. The group members went on a sleigh ride as the photographer took photos of their enjoyable ride.

Fort Steele January 2020

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January 9th 2020

I just saw this post and thought it is  great beginning to the New Year- Our theme throughout the next year or so will be exploring life- we hope that it will be to the” maximum” for as many of us as possible in ways that we determine- to make choice and to assert in life, so that our expectations are met, accepted and encouraged, so that we have the life experiences that we can! Deciding to play your hand as its dealt is the beginning😊



Dec 10th, 2019

The people in charge of the light tour decided that we will have a light tour scavenger hunt based on Christmas songs. All of us who joined the light tour were split up into teams. 

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On Thursday, December 5, 2019 in the evening at REALM, Melanie Caron and Jonathan Righton hosted a Christmas photo shoot.  For this holiday season, the thought of looking for unique ideas in a budget friendly manner for a gift for their friends and family.

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Members of the Self-Advocates of the Rockies and three DSP’s from REALM along with REALM’s practicum student Takara Mohnssen traveled to Richmond for the 2019 Self-Advocates Conference at the Executive Inn Airport Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre.

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REALM would like to thank everyone who participated in our first annual ICE (Inclusive Community Employers) Awards. Hosted at the Prestige Rocky Mountain Resort on Thursday, October 10th, 2019. In the pursuit of recognizing and raising awareness of businesses in the community who are leaders by providing meaningful employment to everyone. We invited the community during the month of September to nominate an organization with whom they thought deserved to be honoured. With a total of nineteen local companies nominated, in collaboration with our sponsors, we awarded five businesses with a unique honour recognizing their excellence. The remaining organizations were acknowledged for their leadership.

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What do you enjoy the most about the summer?

I really enjoy that there is no snow and I can enjoy my walks

I enjoy walking around Idlewild Park but have not gone fishing there yet

I also enjoy visiting Elizabeth Lake and watching the geese

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The month of October is recognized as Community Inclusion Month, bringing awareness to inclusion in communities and employment.

Organizations promote this initiative by holding a variety of different events all over Canada recognizing inclusive employers and communities.

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Stephanie Goertson REALM Idol Winner 2019

Why do you sing?

“It makes me feel amazing and excited”

When watching Stephanie perform whether it is on stage for REALM idol or during our karaoke and chicken nights she takes on the song and lets her personality shine.

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Wow, another 2 years the paper included our story form 2017 In complete gratitude for the wonderful team that calls itself REALM for making our Community Picnic a success as well as Amanda Kama and Sam for pulling it together… Big Shout Out to all of the people who came out and joined us today. We are incredibly grateful for your support of REALM and celebrating unity in the community with us.

Kootenay Friends of REALM would like to thank everyone who joined us for our First Annual Golf Tournament which took place June 9 /2019 at Mission Hills Golf Course. About 56 Golfers showed up and despite the occasional deluges of rain most managed to complete their 18 holes. A great supper was supplied by Mission Hills who were terrific hosts and did their utmost to get us through this event.

We would also like to shout out to the following sponsors for supplying prizes for our Golfers and/or their active participation in our day. Hope to see you next year! Thanks for all your support!!!


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We are trying something new this year! All packages have changed!
Take a look at what would interest you the most, check off the package you
want and return the slip to REALM. We will hand out calendars On
June 26th.
We are asking people to pay in full or month by month,

June 26th will be the Summer Kick-Off BBQ at Wasa Lake. We will be out
there all day. Meet at REALM at 10:00 am and we will transport you out there.
Let us know ahead of time if you need to be back to town at a
certain time and we can arrange for you to get to town.
$10 for BBQ

August 28th we are having a Wrap-Up day at Calaway Park. This is an
additional cost on top of your package. Keep in mind this will be an all-day trip.
$50 for Calaway Park

On Tuesday, May 28th, REALMS operations staff held their annual appreciation and awards luncheon at Auntie Barb’s Bakery.
We would like to congratulate Raymond Edinger, on being the recipient of this year’s Lucy Memorial Award.
Our congratulations also go out to Lynnetta Beingessner and Sheila Neidig on receiving an honorable mention of the Lucy Memorial Award.

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If you thought Food, Fun  and Fashion- You are right!!!

Get it all at our “Bras on Dudes and Boxers on Babes” event

Cranbrook Eagles Hall, May 8th@430pm.

Tickets $15 in advance until April 30th or $20 at the door.

**come join the fun and help raise funds for Relay For Life and the Realm Rovers Travelling Team. For more information call 250-426 3393 and ask for more information.

The REALM Rovers head to the Island to spend two nights in Victoria before heading to the Comox Valley to participate in Relay for Life 

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May 2nd REALM hosted an event to fund raise for Relay for Life Comox Valley and the REALM Rovers raising over $2000.00  The event included Bras on Dudes/Boxers on Babes Fashion Show, Pie Throwing, Head Shaving, Silent Art Auction, Survivor Islands, Bake Sale, Treasure Boxes, Door Prizes and a Sphegetti Dinner

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REALM and Advocates will be presenting at the Learn, Inspire, Lead: Inclusion Europe at the World Congress

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