2019 REALM Idol Winner

Stephanie Goertson REALM Idol Winner 2019

Why do you sing?

“It makes me feel amazing and excited”

When watching Stephanie perform whether it is on stage for REALM idol or during our karaoke and chicken nights she takes on the song and lets her personality shine.

When did you start singing?

“I was young”

Stephanie likes a variety of music. It shows she started young with the music she knows by heart. 

How does singing make you feel?

“Makes me feel happy and amazing and excited”

This is very clear when you see Steph sing because she has a smile on her face the whole time. 

How many REALM Idols have you been apart of?

“10 of them” 

Just like REALM idol has grown so have our singers. Stephanie like many others have shown this growth over the years of performing. 

What made you choose Believer by Imagine Dragons?

“I heard it on River dale. They played it and it made me feel happy”

Believer was a good choice for Steph as she shined during her performance. You could see she was really embracing herself and enjoying the experience. 

How does winning the 2019 REALM Idol feel?

“Wow, I want to say wow”

“Made me feel good when people said congratulations Stephanie” 

On behalf of REALM we would like to say congratulations to Stephanie on winning the 2019 REALM Idol.

Stehpanies 2019 Idol Win