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REALM is a supportive service agency founded in May of 2003 with the purpose of fostering self-empowerment, human rights and advocacy for adults with diverse abilities. REALM was founded with the vision supporting individuals in attaining inclusive opportunities for personal growth, empowerment and developing independence within the community at large, utilizing a facilitation approach that maintains dignity, self-determination and the right to make choices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer premier support in inclusion, outreach, and employment delivered by authentic, dedicated professionals customizing service strategies to empower real plans that provide self-directed, real-life opportunities and real-life experiences, honouring individuals rights with the assurance that the support they receive ignites their goals in active participation to achieve personal accomplishments and growth.

Our Vision

Participation and contribution within community for all citizens, fulfilling all the realms of quality of life – Authentic Inclusion.

Our Values

REALM believes that individuals have the right to empower themselves with knowledge. They have the right to seek out and be involved in new experiences. They have the right to encouragement and support to engage, and contribute to the community encompassing them. They have the right to discover and achieve their full unique potential and share their value in the world.