Participation and contribution within community for all citizens, fulfuilling all the realms of quality of life: Authentic Inclusion
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Our Mission 

Our mission is to offer premier support in inclusion, outreach, and employment delivered by authentic, dedicated professionals customizing service strategies to empower real plans that provide self-directed, real life opportunities and real life experiences, honoring individuals rights with the assurance that the support they receive ignites their goals in active participation to achieve personal accomplishments and growth.


Share opinions!

Be Confidential!

 Be Respected! Be Heard!

Be Aware of Boundaries! 

Be Empathetic! Be My Actions! Have Humour that Doesn't Degrade or Hurt Others.

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REALM Celebrates Community Living Month 2016!

REALM has done it again! October 1st marked our fifth live stage production in honor of Community Living Month. This year our actors took the audience on a journey of inclusion, empowerment and rights in our one of a kind play "Sweet Dreams", for more information click here

Crock Pot Cook Off

REALM held our annual cook off challenge and dance. This year we had ten teams competing to be named Master Crock-pot Chiefs. It was a taste bud adventure as each team prepared a special dish using randomly selected secret ingredients. Congratulations to Felicia and Jill on their winning Sweet-potato curry. Get the winning recipe here!

New Year Planning

The busy holiday season is now  behind us! Our individuals and team are collaborating to develop our event schedule for the new year. If you have any suggestions be sure to stop in at the office and let us know. 

REALM Riot Act 
Written by REALM Participants March/2016


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We are a dedicated team of professionals focused on the provision of services that empower individuals with diverse abilities to develop and maintain autonomy within their community. As an organization we strive to truly hear the individual, learn the challenges they may face and work together in the development of a unique strategy to teach, implement and develop skills to maintain independence.


REALM is a supportive service developed in May of 2003 with the purpose of fostering self-empowerment, human rights and advocacy for adults with diverse abilities. REALM was founded with the vision supporting individuals in attaining inclusive opportunities for personal growth, empowerment and developing independence within the community at large, utilizing a facilitation approach that maintains dignity, self-determination and the right to make choices.